Welcome Back Roosevelt Park Zoo

The past three months I have had the privilege to spend sometime at the Roosevelt Park Zoo and with their staff.  I have learned a lot about the animals, their habitats, their personalities and their keepers.  The care that these  keepers provide their animals is second to none.   It’s pretty unique to see a 500 plus pound brown bear walk up to her keeper/friend Becky like a long lost friend she hasn’t seen in awhile.   Or when Keeper Mitch walks by the Reindeer and they seem to smile through their eyes.  They know them, they are familiar, they are home.

You can’t truly know how much love the Zoo staff has for these animals until you see them try an make it through an interview while holding back tears telling us what it means to have the zoo back open.  Imagine having someone send away your family pet for a year and half and the excitement and emotion you have when they finally made it back home.  It is much the same for these keepers and the staff.

Having  Roosevelt Park Zoo back means so much to so many people.   We are so excited for the Grand Re-Opening this Saturday starting at 10:00am.  Come out and celebrate the animals, the staff, the volunteers and the community of Minot.   greywolf


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