Where to find European Charm in Minot

Minot’s Daily Bread brings a French Bakery feel to the Midwest, right here in Minot, North Dakota. Their fresh everyday bread and baked goods are a locally known favorite and spark flavorful sensations like no other. What started as an idea of fresh bread and a European twist on midwestern flavors has now launched into an exciting urban delicacy.

Pastries and Sourdoughs

What sounds better than love-infused, fresh every morning, sourdough bread with newly harvested ingredients? This European-style bread sure knows how to RISE to the occasion. Rye, Kalamata Olive, Cinnamon Raisin, or Cranberry, the choice is yours.

Croissants are sure to twist up your morning routine with their European-style butter, unmatched flavors, and 3 days’ worth of preparation.  Local favorites include ham & cheese, chocolate, and almond.

Ever heard of a cruffin? This cream-filled croissant-muffin hybrid is sure to spark every sensation with its delicate fluffy appearance, warm rich smell, and a taste like no other. If you want to experience a cruffin, better get in early, as they sell very quickly each day.


This superb delicacy is sure to fulfill every flavorful need with options ranging from sweet to savory. The Savory Midwest Crepe includes egg, ham, cheese and roasted red bell pepper and is one of the most popular crepes on the menu.  Made with the best and freshest ingredients, these crepes are going to leave you craving for more.

Crafted Drinks

Minot’s Daily Bread KNOWS how important it is for coffee to have unmatched flavors with immense undernotes and a rich aftertaste. The unique depth of this coffee can be credited to the brewing process requiring a reverse osmosis water system. That’s why they brew La Colombe Coffee, which is typically only found in big cities such as Philadelphia and NYC. As the only brewer of La Colombe Coffee in North Dakota, they are proud to serve you phenomenal fresh flavors as you’ve never tasted before.

Apart from their coffee, Minot’s Daily Bread has very special tea as well. Their specially brewed Palais des Thés teas are imported from France. Their savory-sweet herbal, premium, and iced teas are sure to leave your taste buds tingling with delight.

You’ve heard of dinner with a show… but what about lunch? Minot’s Daily Bread freshly squeezes orange juice right in front of you! It doesn’t get much fresher than this!


Italian desserts are no stranger to Minot’s Daily Bread. Their tiramisu is at the top of their list for customer favorites and holds true to trend with their many European-style options. With flavors ranging from pistachio to chocolate and much in between, they will have you licking your plate clean! 

Minot’s Daily Bread Gives Back

With fresh bread made every day, you may wonder what happens to the waste at the end of every day? Minot’s Daily bread refuses to let one crumb go to waste. Every Monday, they donate their remaining bread to the local food bank.

They encompass every sense of community by creating a homey feel to a professional establishment where guests can relax, snack, sip, or study. They welcome all and give back wherever they can. But don’t just take our word for it, go check out Minot’s Daily Bread yourself and see what all the rave is about! 

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