Makoti Threshing Show


The Makoti Threshing Show is an annual event, that happens every July, in the small town of Makoti in North Dakota. It is a celebration of the rich agricultural heritage of the region. It brings together the local community and visitors from all over the state to enjoy a day of fun and entertainment. The event features a variety of activities and events that are both educational and exciting.


One of the highlights of the Makoti Threshing Show is the Tractor Trek, where antique tractors and farm machinery are displayed for the public to admire and learn about the history of agriculture in the area. Visitors can also see threshing demonstrations and other traditional farming practices that were once common in the region.


Another popular event at the show is blindfolded lawnmower racing, where participants race around a track while blindfolded and guided by a team member. This event is entertaining and challenging and will surely get the crowd cheering and laughing.


In addition to the racing and demonstrations, there is a parade on the town’s main street.


Experience the thrill of live music and dancing with great music that caters to everyone’s tastes. This event is not only educational but also an excellent opportunity for families to bond and have a great time.
Make sure also to take time to check out the Flea Market, Food Vendors, and Pioneer Village while enjoying this great event.


The Makoti Threshing Show is a celebration of the rich agricultural heritage of North Dakota. It is a must-visit event for anyone interested in learning about the history and culture of the region. With its variety of events, food, and live music, the Makoti Threshing Show is a great day out for the whole family.