Plan Your ND Road Trip

Map out a plan for a North Dakota road trip through Minot, the International Peace Garden, Medora, and the MHA Nation. Explore stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unique attractions that make North Dakota a must-visit destination.

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This place speaks to you, the same way it spoke to a young Theodore Roosevelt. It’s the way the horizon expands. The way an afternoon moves at its own good time. The way the lights of the Medora Musical don’t hold a candle to the shine of the stars on stage. This place may be a tiny dot on the map. But, by the time you leave, it’ll hold a big place in your heart.


MHA Nation

See what the explorers Lewis and Clark saw, when they stayed with the Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara Tribes! Immerse yourself in the rich history of these tribes by exploring the Earth Lodge Village and Tipis. Nestled along beautiful Lake Sakakawea, this spot offers hiking, biking, and launches for canoes or kayaks. Tour through the new Interpretive Center and Museum to learn about life today.

MHA Interpretive Center Grand Opening


Your ideal place for making memories! This family-friendly city is jam-packed with things to do, like museums, live arts, and good eats, and is nearby to many outdoor recreational adventures. You can visit the area’s premier children’s science center, walk through a Scandinavian historic park, and spend hours exploring a vibrant and colorful downtown area, soon home to North Dakota’s largest mural.

Scandinavian Heritage Park 5 (3)

International Peace Gardens

Nestled along the Canadian border is a garden. A celebration of peace, a living monument to the ideals of friendship and cooperation among nations. Acres of uninterrupted prairie, forests, and radiant floral gardens are defined by nature, not borders.

International Peace Gardens

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