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If you are looking for something new in culture and entertainment you’ve come to the right place. Minot’s Things To Do list is long and runs the gamut of experiences for different tastes. From rodeos and Scandinavian culture to symphonies and street art, your options are diverse. You won’t be able to do it all, but we can help you find what’s just right for you!
Our city is clean, well maintained and updated, and it’s not overcrowded. So you can enjoy getting out without too many people! Goldilocks would call us “just right”.

Oh so many things to do!

Oh so many things to do!


With the best zoo in North Dakota, an amazing air museum and a pet-friendly park dedicated to Scandinavian heritage, Minot has great attractions for everyone!

Featured Events

Minot has great annual events like the North Dakota State Fair and North America’s largest Scandinavian festival, Norsk Høstfest!


From mini-golf, bowling and a trampoline park to spas, bingo and nightlife, Minot has plenty of activities to keep the whole family busy.

Outdoor Activities

Minot has great golf courses, amazing parks and trails, hunting, fishing, and birding, plus a chance to grab a paddle and go kayaking or canoeing. Plan a day trip today!

Arts and Culture

Minot is home to multiple museums, theatrical groups and musical performances such as opera and orchestra. You owe it to yourself to check out what we have to offer!


Football, basketball, baseball, hockey and more – Minot has high school, collegiate and professional level teams for all kinds of sports fanatics.

Festivities. frivolity. fun.

Festivities. frivolity. fun.

Find your thing.


Whether you prefer a downtown atmosphere, small boutiques or a larger venue such as a mall or national chain store, Minot has you covered when you need to get your shopping fix.