Hello Canadians!

We are glad to host you here in the ‘Magic City’. If you are coming for a longer visit, we recommend using Minot as a central hub to explore the area in and around Minot with day trips.  Minot has much to offer you any time of the year, with great leisure travel and shopping options, too. We look forward to your visit and having you experience the #MagicInMinot.


Current Border Measures Here

As you travel over the border, remember your passport as this is required documentation for access.  You may also obtain entry to the United States of America with a passport card, trusted traveler program cards such as NEXUS or FAST cards, or be part of the Global Entry program.

Wait times for border crossing


During your overnight stay, you may take advantage of the duty-free exemptions upon your return. There is no exception available for any stay less than 24 hours.  

  • 24-hour stay: Up to $200 CAN. Alcohol and tobacco cannot be claimed.
  • 48-hour stay: Up to $800 CAN. This includes alcohol and tobacco.
  • 7 day stay: Up to $800 CAN. This includes alcohol and tobacco.


Canadian residents may obtain a refund of North Dakota sales tax paid on qualifying purchases (those purchased to be used exclusively outside the state; taxable purchases must be a least $25 per receipt and the refund request must be at least $15).  Goods consumed in North Dakota, including hotel rooms and dining, are not eligible for a refund.  To obtain a refund, complete and return the Canadian Residents Request for Sales Tax Refund Form available online on the ND Taxpayer Access Point.


For more information about passports and duty-free gift and 

personal exemptions, see these government websites:

U.S. State Department | www.travel.state.gov

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol | www.cbp.gov/travel

Canada Border Services Agency | www.cbsa.gc.ca

Person Exemption Limits Effective June 1, 2012, | Exemption Limits Point

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