Minot Events

Norsk Hostfest

Norsk Høstfest celebrates the Scandinavian culture and heritage of the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

North Dakota State Fair

The North Dakota State Fair continues to be our state’s largest annual event, with more than 300,000 people in attendance over nine days!


Minot’s Comic/Gaming convention features Cosplay contests, artists, board and video gaming, LAN parties, shopping and more!

Badlands Circuit Finals Rodeo

Badlands Circuit Finals Rodeo PRCA brings 3 performances over 3 days at the North Dakota State Fair Center.

Y's Men PBR

The Minot Y’s Men’s PBR is the biggest Bull Ride that has ever been to Minot, North Dakota.

The Big One Art & Craft Fair

THE BIG ONE Art & Craft Fair features over 250 exhibitors showcasing their handmade items, gifts, and more.

KMOT Ag Expo

The KMOT Ag Expo is an annual agricultural trade show featuring the latest equipment, technology, and services for farmers and ranchers.

Area Events

Guy shooting Geese - Kenmare Goosefest

Kenmare Goosefest is an annual eight-day hunting festival that takes place in Kenmare, North Dakota, every October. It’s a unique and exciting event that brings together people from all over the region to enjoy a variety of activities and attractions.

threshing machine - Makoti Threshing Show

The Makoti Threshing Show is an annual event, that happens every July, in the small town of Makoti in North Dakota. It is a celebration of the rich agricultural heritage of the region. It brings together the local community and visitors from all over the state to enjoy a day of fun and entertainment. The event features a variety of activities and events that are both educational and exciting.

An Extravaganza of Events