Mi Mexico

Authentic Mexican fare.

Mi Mexico has recently built a new location featuring stunning carved and painted seating and sculpted stone columns and statues. Mi Mexico won 2021 Best of the Best awards for the best burrito, ethnic restaurant, family restaurant, and taco! Dine inside or on their hybrid patio next to the flowing waters of the stone fountain! Mi Mexico has an urban Mexican charm like never seen in Minot. The new location is open as of March 2nd, 2022.


What happens when four friends with many years of restaurant experience start talking about the future? They end up deciding to go into business together and open their own restaurant! That’s how the idea for Mi Mexico came to fruition in 2006.

Once the idea took root, the next step was for the four friends to find a location. Luckily, a Minot resident told Alejandro, Ramon, Fred and Ricardo that they had the perfect place for their new business venture.

In 2007, building began on the all new Mi Mexico restaurant, which is located by Walmart in the Joshua Plaza. By the end of 2007, the building was almost complete and Ramon, Fred, Ricardo and Alejandro’s families began making the move to their new homes in Minot.

Finally, on January 21st of 2008, Mi Mexico opened to the public. Business has been great and Minot has embraced the authentic Mexican flavor of Mi Mexico’s homemade dishes!

-Takeout Available

-Now Serving Margaritas, Bloody Marys, & Bottled Beer

-10% Military Discount

-Ask about our lunch club card and receive a free pop.

Phone: (701) 858-0777
Website: www.mimexicominotnd.com