Taste of Minot

Even before arriving in Minot, all I heard was horror stories. How Minot was in the middle of nowhere, how there’s nothing to do, how you’re stuck and don’t have any options, and how cold it was. Well, people weren’t lying…about the cold! It didn’t take me long after arriving though to learn that all the rest couldn’t be further from the truth. Our small city is full of hidden gems, great food, and a ton of things to do! Many of which, you don’t even have to leave downtown to experience! I started Taste of Minot with a dream of proving people wrong about my adopted home. I want to show locals and visitors alike how much our town has to offer and perhaps bring back the original hope and can-do spirit of our slogan. “Why not Minot” isn’t the set-up for a punch line, but instead a proud exclamation to the world! So why not learn for yourself? Jump on one of our tours, learn some of our colorful history, discover world-class restaurants, and experience some of the fun and exciting things to do. Who knows, you might even find yourself thinking “why NOT Minot?”

See website below for tour dates and pricing.

Phone: (701) 354-5422
Website: https://tasteofminot.com/