Hiking areas around Minot


For trails and parks located within the city of Minot, click here.


Outdoor Recreation Area | 5 Minutes from Minot

The Outdoor Recreation Area features a variety of diverse native plants and animals. There are 5 total miles of trails, including 2 miles of accessible paved and gravel trails for people of all ages and abilities.


Upper Souris Refuge | 30 Minutes from Minot

The Upper Souris Refuge has developed several trails in which you are able to view the abundance of animals protected on the refuge. The Upper Souris Refuge include five nature trails for exploration.

  • Oxbow Nature Trail | .5 mile or 1 mile
  • Overlook Nature Trail
  • Pelican Nature Trail | .5 mile
  • Cottonwood Nature Trail | .5 mile or 1 mile
  • Centennial Wildlife Nature Trail | 2 miles or 2.5 miles


Rice Lake | 30 Minutes from Minot

Rice Lake have a half-mile walking trail that begins near parking area. There has also been the installation of a switch-back trail up the hillside from the boat ramp. With the recent ongoing improvements to the landscaping surrounding these hiking trails.


Kenmare Fitness Path | 56 Minutes from Minot

The Kenmare Fitness Path loops around the high school campus, running parallel to Highway 52, and spans a distance of approximately 0.75 miles. This path presents an excellent option for individuals seeking a picturesque walk or a leisurely bike ride.


Des Lacs Refuge | 65 Minutes from Minot

Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge offers hiking trails that allow visitors to experience the natural beauty of North Dakota. The trails wind through a variety of habitats, including grasslands, wetlands, and forests, and offer opportunities for wildlife viewing and birdwatching.

  • Canada Goose Nature Trail | 7.5 miles
  • Munch’s Coulee | 1.25 miles