Snowshoeing & Cross-Country Skiing

Snowshoeing & Cross-Country Skiing

Trekking through snow to enjoy all of Minot’s winter wonderland is the perfect way to get out and explore. With snowshoeing and cross-country skiing locations right inside the city limits, explore a bit farther, only a short distance from the city.



Minot Park District offers snowshoe and cross-country skiing rentals at the Corbett Field warming house. The rentals used from the Minot Parks District must only be used on their designated trails. For more information on availability, visit their website.



Located on the west side of Minot sits Souris Valley Golf Course by summer and a snow-dusted wonderland by winter. Enjoy the adventure of snowshoeing or cross-country skiing right inside the city limits. Minot Parks District works to maintain and upkeep the trails for convenient use. Also, enjoy the rentable snowshoe and cross-country gear at the Corbett Field warming house.



Oak Park features year-round activities and, of course, is a spot full of fun for winter as well. Included in the Minot Park District’s groomed trails, Oak Park boasts wintery views and lots of room for adventure. Make sure to check out the Minot Parks District page for time availability and the status of trails.



With nearly 2.5 miles of trails to explore, this is the perfect place to adventure right in Minot. The Bison Plant trail is located right along the beautiful Souris River, creating a beautiful trail to trek through. Included in the trails that Minot Parks District upkeeps, ensure you are current on the weather conditions.

Surrounding Area

UPPER SOURIS NWR | 30 Minutes from Minot  

The Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge, situated to the Northwest of Minot, offers striking natural scenery and recreational opportunities. Visit their website to check out the surplus of trails for winter outdoor activities!


DES LACS NWR | 65 Minutes from Minot  

Located Northwest of Minot is the beautiful Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge. The Canada Goose Nature Trail is a breathtaking scenic trail perfect for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.