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The Magic City Discovery Center is a hybrid children’s museum and science center where education meets ADVENTURE! There is an immersive experience for both the young and the young at heart, featuring interactive exhibits that blend Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to create an extraordinary learning adventure.

Discovering the Power of Water

Make a splash at the Water Flow exhibit, spanning across an entire floor of the Discovery Center! As you step into this unique area, you’ll find yourself captivated by the endless opportunities for discovery and play with water.

Water Vortex
Wild Water

Create whirlpools with rocks and natural materials as you experiment with water flow and erosion. Experiment with using familiar natural materials (rocks, sticks, sand) in unfamiliar ways!

Water Slate Art Wall

The Water Slate Art Wall awaits young artists to engage in creativity by “painting” on massive walls of slate with water, witnessing their masterpieces evaporate and reemerge with each brushstroke.

Liquid Lab
Liquid Lab

Use objects to manipulate water into shapes, like bells and mushrooms! Experiment with water and hydrodynamics.

Infant Splash Zone

This area is designed for young children to splash and play with running water, sink-and-float materials, and water bells!

Fill-the-Pot Tippers
Chain Reaction Sculpture

Use problem-solving and creativity to construct an ever-changing kinetic water sculpture by directing streams of water through ramps, chutes, and spinners.

Fill-the-Pot Tippers

Discover the physics of water as you pump water into large pots until they tip over, creating a waterfall splash below!

Endless Fun Learning Opportunities

With 12 Galleries and 150+ Exhibits, there’s always something new to discover! Imagination, creativity, and learning intertwine to create an educational experience like no other.

Magic Climber & Window Gallery

Climb up an oil derrick and sit in the cockpit of a B-52 bomber! The unique adventure takes you through a custom two-story structure that will challenge you to journey through 3D terrain, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Peer through the windows of the Magic Climber and the Outside My Window gallery for a bird’s eye view of North Dakota’s natural world!

Inventing and Engineering
Inventing & Engineering

Channel your creativity at the Smithsonian Invention Center, where you will be challenged to invent solutions to real-world problems! Interact with large contraptions and smaller experimentation areas while you learn how physical science is relevant to everyday life.

Step into the interactive “construction zone” of the Building Gallery to explore the science, technology, engineering, math, and artistic aspects of architecture and design. Explore various structures found worldwide and in Minot!

Light & Digital Environments

Create auroras and use prisms to explore light energy at the Light Lab! This exhibit will captivate you with the wonders of light in a dimly lit, mysterious exhibit space. Experiment with sequencing, planning, and familiarity with physical principles like reflection and color.

Explore illusions, vibrant colors, and engage in full-body activities with the help of digital floor and wall interactions at the Digital World gallery. This flexible and evolving experience encourages creative expression with dynamic visuals that respond to your actions.

Girl Playing Bass
Unleashing Musical Creativity

Explore the fundamentals of sound and music with real instruments from around the world in the Sound & Music Gallery. Create music, visualize sound waves, and sense vibrations!

Igniting Young Minds

For younger learners, the Wonder Garden offers a safe and enchanting space where children can FREELY explore, play, and experiment! Designed to stimulate their imaginations, this area helps develop essential cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

Unraveling Mathematics

Patterns are EVERYWHERE in our world, and this space invites you to explore the world of patterns through engaging and open-ended experiences. Contemplate the visual and mathematical aspects of patterns to make surprising connections!

Harness Air
Harnessing Air

Step into the Air Forces Gallery and learn how to harness the power of air! From rockets soaring through Air Rocket tubes to paper airplanes taking flight, this gallery presents hands-on opportunities to experiment with wind energy and the physics of moving air.

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